Calico Critters Review :: Margaret and Halley’s Dress Shop

I was very excited that I was chosen to review the Calico Critters via Growing Tree Toys. I had never heard of Calico Critters, but they sure are cute! They’re for ages 3 and up as some of the pieces are small.

I knew Nakiah and Ava would enjoy playing with them….and I was right. They tore open the box and squeeled when they saw what was waiting inside for them.

We have Margaret and Halley’s Dress Shop. This set includes: a yellow floral dress w/apron for Mama Margaret, pink and white baby outfit for baby Halley, two mannequins, blue dress with white lace, white baby dress with blue bow, blue hat handbag, mirror, headbands, baby toy, and wall art.

The animals and clothes are well made, very sturdy. A requirement of toys in our house if they are to survive my three children. I love the details on every piece in this set. These toys were made to get years of play out of them.The girls are really into play sets now, and I’m pretty sure we’ve found a winner with the Calico Critters. I love that they have poseable arms and legs, and their heads move.

As you can see they were welcomed by the other toys. I listened to their imaginitive play, and heard lots of giggling and story telling coming from the room.


We love Calico Critters! I see more sets, such as the panda, dogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, etc being welcomed into our family in the near future.


This review is 100% my thoughts on the product. Thank you to Growing Tree Toys!

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