street smarts

It’s been a whilse since we went for a nature walk around the neighborhood, so we decided to take one.
The weather was perfect, warm, sunny with a gentle breeze.
We always start our walks deciding what path we want to take, left or right?
This day the girls let me pick and I chose to go to the right.

Two big pink and purple stuffed bunnies joined us, and Samuel napped on my back in the wrap.


Before we got to our first crossing, we spotted this bee on the ground. We didn’t want to get too close. I was scared it was still alive. Ava asked me to take a picture so we could show it to Daddy when he got off work.


There was a brief discussion on how the bee may have ended up on the ground. The girls thought that maybe he stung someone and died. Ava asked if it was the knd of bee that stings once, and Kiah thought he looked like one of those bees that can stng many times. Bees are usually flyng around, or gettng pollen from the flowers. Then we wondered if it was even a bee? Maybe it was a beetle of some kind?

Once we came to our crossing we found there were three ways to look before stepping out into the street. That is one of my concerns, that they will run into the street without looking. They’ve made good friends with a girl down the street, but she lives across the street.

We just in the past two weeks started letting them play out front by themselves. I can see them from the living room window as long as the cars aren’t in the driveway, and of course I have a clear vew from my front yard.
We’ve talked many times before about street safety, but they never thought about having to look more than two ways.

Our next crossing was a four way street, and they thought that was fascinating! We talked about how we always have to be on the lookout for cars when we’re playing in or near the street, because sometimes the people driving may not be paying attention to us.

Then we came up on a culdesac, Ava wanted to see what was down there so we went. Kiah said she wished she lived on a cludesac so the cars couldn’t come through as much, and agreed with her.

On the way back we found a bunch of acorns…curious to see what squirrels eat that’s on the inside, they stomped them to break the acorns open.
They picked a few to bring home along with some flowers we found in the alley on a tree.

Treasures from Nature.


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