The Natural Parents Network Gathering I Couldn’t Attend

On the weekend of October 8 some of the amazing women and men who work hard to make Natural Parents Network the wonderful community and resource that it is got together for a meet-up at two locations across the U.S. — the Midwest and the Northwest. This was the first time that many of the volunteers have met in person after a year of collaborating on this amazing website. Please scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of links so that you can read what some of the other volunteers had to say about this incredible First Annual Natural Parents Network Team Get-Together!

I wasn’t able to attend, but thought my readers would enjoy checking out the post from many of those who could. It will be interesting to read the different perspectives, and you get to see photos of them in action. Who doesn’t love to see some of their favorite bloggers doing something besides blogging?

From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like they had a really good time. Maybe we’ll plan a southeast get together next year. Wouldn’t it be nice to hang out on the beach? I think so!

I’ve enjoyed working with and getting to know these lasdies over the past year. They are serious, silly, and real. I’m looking forward to meeting them in person in hopefully the very near future.

Northwest Gathering Attendees:
Lauren at Hobo Mama writes Meeting My NPN Friends.  Also find Lauren on Twitter and Facebook!
Amy at Anktangle writes Meeting the NPN Family.  Also find Amy on Twitter and Facebook.
Jennifer at True Confessions of a Real Mommy.  Also find Jennifer on Twitter.
Midwest Gathering Attendees:
Jorje at Momma Jorje writes Vacation Weekend with Volunteers.  Also find Jorje on Facebook!
Amanda at Let’s Take the Metro writes The Gathering.  Also find Amanda on Facebook.
Joni Rae at Tales of Kitchen Witch.  Also find Joni Rae on Twitter and Facebook
Rebekah & Chris at Liberated Family.  Also find Rebekah & Chris on Twitter.
Fabulous NPN Volunteers who were unable to attend:
Melissa at The New Mommy Files writes Building a Modern Day Village.  Find Melissa on Twitter and Facebook.
Rachael at The Variegated Life.  Find Rachel on Twitter and Facebook.
Darcel at The Mahogany Way.  Find Darcel on Twitter and Facebook.


To learn more about all the members of the Natural Parents Network team, visit our about page. To become a volunteer for NPN, first please check out what we’re in need of, then contact us if you’re interested in helping out.

Stay up to date on the latest happenings. Subscribe to The Mahogany Way.  Follow me on Twitter at MahoganyWayMama, or like my page on Facebook. Are you a mom of color? Be sure to join my Community for Moms of Color.   Do you love to talk birth? Come see me at The Birth Cafe.


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