for the love of insects

I picked up more Flashcards from the dollar bins at Target, you know the ones at the entrance of the store? We can’t resist those bins – they call to us the moment we walk in!

We have dinosaurs, mammals, insects, numbers, alphabet, space and a few others that I’m too lazy to go look for right now.
Kiah and Ava have always been fascinated with bugs so I knew these flashcards would be a hit.
The insects have become a favorite with the girls. For the past few weeks we’ve pulled out the cards and talked about them almost every day. It’s usually Kiah “mom, can we look at the insect cards again?”

I’m not sure when I went from being mommy to mom….she’s so grown up lately.
We grab a spot on the living room floor and go through the cards. Even Samuel joins us from time to time.

One of the things I really like about these flashcards – they have the species, life span, what they eat, where they live, etc on the back. Very good for me becaue bugs of any kind are not my thing.

They seem to enjoy talking about the difference between a tick and a flea, knowing that they both suck your blood. The difference between a hornet and a wasp, and now a moth and butterfly.
They tried to argue with me that all caterpillars turned into a butterfly – but then I pulled up some pictures of moths online. One of our flashcards has a Gypsy Moth Caterpillar, so we looked online to see what the moth would look like. Ava said it was ugly.

photo credit

I reminded them about the time we went to the Botanical Gardens last month. When we stepped in to see the butterflies they also had a big container of caterpillars, we found out these guys would soon become moths.

Another one of their favorites…..the spider. I do not like spiders, and those pesky things have been making their way into my house lately. I’m assuming it’s because of the cooler weather. Some of those suckers jump!
Charles is all about capturing them and releasing them outside, but if I get to it before him, I’m killing it.
Sorry bugs, you do not belong in my house.

Remember this spider that had her web right by our back door? Charles found another one in the backyard. She had set up her web between our house and the fence. Charles caught a grasshopper and threw it into the web so the kids could watch the spider eat it. I have video, but can’t get it off my phone and onto the computer. So this picture will have to suffice.


Kiah said she watched it grab the grasshopper, bite it and then spin it around. She thought it was very cool. I was going back and forth between cooking dinner and coming out to take pictures/video.
I could hear them outside making all kinds of noise over this spider.

The flashcards have a Black Widow and a Daddy longlegs. When I was growing up we had tons of daddy long legs in our back yard. They always hung out near or on the garage.
The girls learned that the Black Widow is poisonous and will bite, but the daddy longlegs, not so much.

That was all they talked about for days…..”daddy longlegs don’t bite us!”
We took them on a walking trail at one of the State Parks Monday, and we got to see a real live Daddy longlegs. They were so excited about that.

More insects we’re learning about: Weevil, Katydid, Rhinoceros Beetle, Firefly, Ladybug, Walking stick, Praying Mantis, Scorpion, Aphid, Centipede, Millipede, Dragonfly, Cicada, Earwig, Monarch Caterpillar, Stinkbug, Honeybee, Hornet, Cricket, Mosquito, Ant, Roly Poly, and Termites.

The girls really enjoy learning about the insect family. even more, they enjoy finding some of these in our neck of the woods. When they found out that some of these guys lived in other countries/states they were a little dissapointed, but then came to the conclusion that we could go to where the bugs do live so they could see them.

Of course we now have drawings here and there around the house of various insects. That makes this mama smile.

What are your kids into these days?

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