Fun Foggy Fall {Beach} Day

One day last week I took the kids to the beach. It was a really nice day out. The closer we got to the beach the more fog we saw. Kiah thought it was raining and we would have to turn around, but I assured her we were still going to the beach.
We parked, grabbed the blanket and bags and walked up the path. I sat us pretty close to the entrance in case we needed to exit quickly. The fog was really thick and we could hear the horns on the boats. The kids didn’t mind the fog at all….they got down to business like it was any other 90 degree sunny day.

Ava said she was making snow angels in the sand, and Samuel and Kiah ran around tossing sand every which way. I’m not sure how Q-tips ended up in the bag, but Samuel found them and started drawing in the sand with them. Then he spotted some baby seagulls, but they disappeared into the fog and I couldn’t get pictures. They move pretty fast!

Samuel found more seagulls and followed them down to the shore. It was so cute watching him catch up to them and then they would fly off before he got too too close. The look on his face was hilarious! He just kept on chasing them. Down the way the girls were getting closer to the water and Kiah asked if they could take their shoes and socks off because they made her feet too warm. I told them yes, but only if they stayed away from the water….not even a minute later and both girls were running through the water giggling and holding their dresses up so they wouldn’t get wet.

I started taking video, and about 5 minutes later Samuel joined in the fun. As soon as I cut the video off, Samuel falls face first into the cold water! I scooped him up, wrapped my jacket around him and called to the girls that it was time to go. They were upset, but we couldn’t stay there with Samuel in his wet clothes.
I dried him off and changed his clothes once we got back to the van, and on the ride home we talked about the fog and what our favorite parts of the trip were.

Both girls agreed that they didn’t want to go back until it was hot again.

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