Advent Crafting

We’ve never done Advent before. I have friends that do every year though. I was invited to participate in a Advent Crafting Party over at The Nest.
I hope I’m doing this right. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a craft every day up until Christmas, but I’m going to try!

One of the things I looked forward to most about having my own family….traditions! The problem was that I wasn’t sure how to go about creating my own, or wondering if the idea I came up with was worthy enough to be called a family tradition. Over the past couple of years, I’ve realized that family traditions can be big or small, it doesn’t really matter how grand, or quiet the tradition, all that matters is that we have fun and connect as a family.

I apologize for the crappy pictures. Still figuring out what camera app on my phone works best. I’m thinking the MyTubo app is my favorite. That’s the one I used for the very last picture.

Last year we made ornaments for the tree. We’re making more again this year. I say it all the time…I am not the best crafter, but I do my best. It’s the thought that counts, right? I’m using material I found at the thrift store this past Summer.

 Kiah wanted to draw a picture for me before we glued our fabric pieces together.
Once she was done we got down to business. That fabric glue holds so well. Why would I need to learn how to sew when I can glue everything!

That was day one. The girls decided they wanted to wait until the next day to stuff them. So that’s what we did.

Day Two: Stuff, stuff, stuff….

Here they are, all ready for the tree! Our tree won’t go up until after Kiah’s birthday next week.
We’re happy with the way they turned out. I think the next ones we make will be a little bigger.

Be sure to hop over to The Nest and check out more Advent Crafting.


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