today she is seven

These two pictures are from last week. Kiah’s last week as a six year old girl. We had a Girl Scout meeting, and they’ve become time for us to spend together one on one. There were some issues with her troop not being there, and wee were both disappointed. She had memorized the Girl Scout Promise in about 5 minutes or less on the way to the meeting, and was so excited to say it in front of everyone to earn her first pin.

Instead of going straight back to the house, I took her for ice cream. You know when you’re with your kids one on one it’s like getting to know them on a much deeper level. We talked about our favorite flavors of ice cream…hers is vanilla and mine is chocolate.

There was a flagpole outside and she commented on the pattern of the stripes. I explained that each star represented one of the 50 states. She marveled at the way the flag blew in the wind.
When we weren’t talking I was watching her, smiling and reflecting to myself.

Today I became the mother of a seven year old. I remember when Nakiah was 7 hours old, 7 days, 7 weeks, and 7 months. Everyone told me after she was born to treasure the time because they grow up so fast. They really do! I’m not stuck wishing for the past…… missing it? Yes, but also enjoying the here and now.

Nakiah, or Kiah as she nicknamed herself is probably my most sensitive child. She loves hard and she plays hard. Nothing wrong with any of that. Even though her siblings get on her nerves at times, she’s always looking out for them. Samuel loves it when she carries him around. If He can’t find her, he runs around looking for her and calling “ya ya”

Months ago she made it very clear that she wanted her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s. Remember when it was called Showbiz Pizza?

The morning of the party I got up to make the cake, and straighten up the house a bit. She had been counting down the days until her party. She woke up excited and ready to go!

She had asked to get her ears pierced several months ago. That was her present from my mom and dad.
Maybe it’s just me, but she looks so grown now. I mean besides being the average height of a nine year old.
It was a definite milestone moment for me. She’s so proud and loves her new earrings.

I know a little girl who’s probably getting a couple more pairs of earrings for Christmas.

We were running late for our own party, but thankfully some of our friends arrived before we did and grabbed a few tables.
As soon as the kids got their tokens they were off to have some serious fun.

Samuel fell asleep on the way there, but woke up for the last hour or so.

Let me tell you about this cake. As I said before, I got up early to make it. I was so proud of the way it turned out. I made two and put one on top of the other….the more icing the better, right? Right! What I didn’t think about was the foil pulling the icing off. My friends came to the rescue and fixed it for me…. and also reassured me that it would still get eaten. I tried to make an exclamtion point with the other letter I and a zero..hmm.

They ate pizza before the cake, but I liked this picture better as the last one. They’re all so happy and cute!

We are so thankful for our friends for coming out to celebrate her birthday with us. Thank you for the gifts and for the gift of your presence. We all had a blast!

Yesterday Kiah got a surprise visit from one of her friends that couldn’t attend the party. She tossed the present to the side and the girls ran into the other room to play. I encouraged her to open the gift before her friend left, and there were squeals of delight!

I don’t know much of anything at all about raising a seven year old. I’m sure I’ll read a few articles about behaviors and such. Ultimately, I’ll look to Nakiah for guidance on the care and keeping of a seven year old girl.

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