nice and slow

Since Monday we’ve slowly…..and I do mean slowly started getting the house ready for Christmas.
Ava has her Advent Calendar from the homeschool co-op. Kiah wants me to make one with her. I think hers will be all presents with the numbers for her to color in. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed these past few days. I should’ve had Kiah’s calendar done days ago. I wanted to make a wreath with them yesterday, and that did not happen….it probably won’t.

They’ve been enjoying the watercolor paint and color pencils from Stubby Pencil Studio.
The colors on both items are so vibrant.
And as you can see, the tree is up, but without ornaments. We’re waiting until this weekend to decorate the tree. Charles is off one of the weekend days, and I love it when we can all decorate together.

Ava and Samuel helped me make more ornaments for the tree. Samuel threw the balls all over the place, but I was letting him because 1. I knew where he was. 2. he was happy.
Kiah didn’t want to make any more ornaments at the time. She played computer games, and that was totally fine with me. I think her favorite part is putting the ornaments on the tree.

I made bead ornaments for the five of us, and I think that is something I’ll do every year from now on.
I keep telling myself it’s not how pretty or perfect the crafts are or aren’t……while I do like the way they turned out, it’s more about the time spent with the kids.

There are 16 days left for us to be slow, deliberate, and mindful about what we’re doing this Christmas and why.
I guess I shouldn’t say we won’t make a wreath, maybe it won’t be entirely handmade. We’ve got stockings and more lights to put up. We’re making our annual reindeer from this page here. Ours have never been brown….the girls have usually picked pink or purple. I wonder what colors they’ll choose this year. Hopefully Samuel will let me trace his hands and feet.

We’re taking part in Crafting Advent hosted by Emily at the Nest. Click over to see what everyone else is creating this Christmas.

What about you, how are you coming along with the Holiday prep this year?

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