Sunday Lunch at the Silver Diner

I’ve driven past this restaurant probably 100’s of times, but never stopped in to eat. A couple of months ago I had breakfast there with my friend, Dee. She’s getting me hooked on kinds of things people! First it was natural hair, then crocheting, and now the Silver Diner.

The weekend was really nice. Charles worked a mid-shift on Saturday, so we went to see Tower Heist. That movie was better than we both thought. We were supposed to see Immortals, but we were a little late for that one.
He was off on Sunday…..the last time we took the family to a restaurant was on Mother’s Day. We usually have family day on his days off. I suggested the Silver Diner.

I called to double check that they served the entire menu all day, and they do! We were supposed to have breakfast there, but figured there was no need in rushing since you can get breakfast at 2pm.
The girls were excited to eat at a new restaurant, and I was excited for Charles to try the food because I knew he would love it….I was also excited to spend time with my family, of course.

Gotta love family friendly restaurants! It wasn’t crowded at the time we went, which was very nice.
Samuel started fussing something awful. he was tired, and didn’t like the high chair anyway. I nursed him to sleep and he missed the rest of the festivities.  Off topic real quick….I am loving Picnik! It’s got lots of features for editing your photos.

Yup, we enjoyed ourselves. Talking, laughing, listening to music, and being silly


They have a jukebox at every table. You put your quarter in, select your song, and it plays throughout the entire restaurant.
The girls chose songs like Pink Panther, Merry Melodies, and they got really excited when we found the Micheal Jackson page…but they didn’t have their favorite MJ song, beat it. That was ok, we chose Bad and someone else was thinking the same thing, because we heard it back to back.

Ava went on a kissing spree at the last minute. She came around the table to kiss Charles, me, she couldn’t reach Samuel, and then went back around for Kiah.

We had a really nice time. I’m sure we’ll go back soon.

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