Yarn Along: Christmas Present Edition

I’m done with all of the scarves I was crocheting for Christmas. I’m so excited that I did it! Also a little sad. I had been crocheting my little heart out for weeks, and now all my work is done. Charles said I had been fussing about getting them done, and now that I am done, he can’t believe I’m sad about it. I told him it’s because I feel this need to have the hook and yarn in my hands during all free time.

I really do get it now. The love, the addiction, the satisfaction, the rhythmic calming of the yarn moving through your hands and creating something. I know I keep saying this, but crocheting is so relaxing for me. Why didn’t I pick this up sooner?

Here it is….my very last scarf. I decided to do the photos in black and white for a change, and I really like the way they turned out. Plus, we don’t want people seeing their presents now do we? The 2nd photo is a nice close up of the stitch. The 3rd photo is a picture of all of them. I’ve had people ask with my previous projects what stitch I was using. They’ve all been the same, single crochet. I think the thick yarn and size Q hook make it look more complicated. I have enjoyed working with the chunky yarn, and the gigantic hook. I hope the people they go to like them.

We’re doing things a little different this year…the kids are opening some presents on Christmas Eve, and there is a scarf in the 3rd photo for each of them. The girls have seen me working on them, but have not seen them completely finished.

 As you can see….. I’m reading Teach Your Own  by John Holt and Pat Farenga. This isn’t the original written by John Holt, but I’m still enjoying it. Pat takes us through how he first met Holt. How he came to learn about homeschooling/unschooling, and how his thoughts on education, and children changed over the years. Pat went from wanting to be a teacher, to homeschooling his three daughters! He has included some of Holt’s original writings, so I think when I’m done, I’ll probably see if I can get my hands on the original.

Now to find a really easy sweater pattern to start on for Samuel….

Be sure to click over to Ginny’s and see what everyone else is working on this Yarn Along.

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