last minute merry making

We started the Winter Solstice making glittered pine cones. They were supposed to be magical pine cones, but I changed my mind last minute.  I used wax paper to line my trays so clean up wouldn’t be such a hassle. This was really fun, and a little messy….I think we’ll do it again next year. Thanks Stephanie!

We used up the old glitter we had before breaking out our new neon glitter that the girls picked out.

We rocked out to Tran-Siberian Orchestra’s Carol of The Bells (our Christmas theme song since 2008)and Feliz Navidad while the pine cones dried.

After Daddy came home we hung the glittering pine cones on the tree…

He wrapped lights around the staircase….of course the kids wanted to help. Have you noticed how Kiah is on the move in almost every picture lately? That girl is full of energy!

The only things we have left to do – trace all the names in glue and glitter on the stockings, hang them.
Wrap presents, make sure the fireplace is clear for Santa, and set the milk and cookies  cake out.

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