The past couple of years I’ve done a sort of year end review, but not this time. Instead I wanted to share some photos with you that remind me of the spirit of freedom I’ve felt lately.

Freedom to make noise….

Freedom to help mama in the kitchen at a young age. They really did most of the work making these cookies. I was quite impressed. That batter gets thick once you start adding the dry mix.

I like the 3rd picture down of Kiah looking at the flour on her shirt. It splattered all over the place when she started stirring. I think she surprised herself! We all started laughing because it was all over her mouth, the counter, and the floor.

When I think back to probably 4-5 years ago and my way of thinking regarding raising children – I shutter. I thought I could control and change them into who I wanted, or thought they should be.

Now I clearly see that it’s a waste of time and energy to even think that way. I’m proud to say that my kids are free to be kids….free to be themselves. I’ve learned not to hush them when they cry, or tell them how to feel, or what to think.

In this house you’re free to simply be.

We love our new Melissa and Doug pattern blocks. I like that each board has two sides. You can also get creative and make up your own pictures.

I was upstairs putting PJ’s on Samuel the other day and came down to find this picnic.

There is freedom to watch your favorite show – over and over if one chooses. Just like there’s freedom to paint and play outside.

When was the last time you colored? It’s so relaxing, and fun! I’ve always enjoyed coloring. Ava invited me to color with her, and took my picture after I took hers.

Even the smallest hands like to color, but most of the time it’s not on paper…..

And at 19 months old Samuel is free to(still)nurse to sleep at the breast. Or fall asleep snuggled up in one my favorite wraps, Eva Didymos.

Modeling clay becomes play food for the kids kitchen set.

I’m enjoying the freedom to go as fast or slow as we need to know, each one of us learning at our own pace.
It just feels good.

Wishing you and your family all the freedom to explore, play, love, laugh, and enjoy being in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year!!!

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