sibling love…it’s all good

Friday we had another day of exceptionally warm temperatures….and I’m not complaining! Fun Forest is quickly becoming one of our favorite parks. The scenery is so nice, all of those tall pine trees shading us, and the wide open field for the kids to run around. A stage that the kids love to sing and dance on.

The kids always make a stop at the wall to find hand prints that fit theirs. After that it’s off to play and explore.

Where there’s one, the other isn’t too far behind.

Kiah had her first Girl Scout Cookie Rally that same evening. Ava was super excited to to attend with her sister. Samuel came too, but he was on my back in a warp the entire time. I even had a few elderly black women come up to me and compliment me on the wrap, and for keeping him so close. We talked about breastfeeding too. I absolutely love hearing from older black women who breastfed their children.

Back to the cookie rally…good times…

I am so proud of Kiah for sharing a part of her scout experience with her sister. She didn’t have to. If she had preferred it be just her the two of us like it normally is, that’s what I would’ve done.
She took Ava by the hand and included her in everything.

Since Ava looks like she’s five or older, no one questioned if she was a girl scout or not. Ava won a ring toss prize, and Kiah wasn’t too happy, but Ava turned around and gave her prize to her sister.

The best and cutest part for me was seeing all the girls in the friendship circle.

I know all parents think this of their children, but I really do have the best kids! I just love them all to pieces.

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