the latest happenings

We had a nasty stomach bug pass through here that started late Monday night, and stretched into the very early morning hours Tuesday. Kiah caught it first, then Samuel, but it seems to have missed Ava. Lets hope it stays that way!
Nothing says motherhood like being covered in vomit seven different times, courtesy of the baby boy.

Everyone seems to be back to their normal selves…..playing, laughing, and exploring. It’s rare to find each one doing their own thing. Usually where one is the other is right next to them.

Ava keeps asking me to fix her stuffed animals. I think she picks at the seams so much that she puts holes in them.I can’t sew a dress, but I can fix holes on stuffed animals, and clothes.

My friend Erika gave me a bunch of jars, and since I don’t do any type of canning right now, I found other uses for them. Keeping Samuel busy putting things in them, and taking them back out has been a big hit.

I sat beside him filling the other jars with the rest of our beads. Then went to check on the girls to see if they needed anything.
Kiah was happily into her Wii game, and Ava was enjoying having the computer all to herself.

I think the next few days will be spent getting back into our groove.
What about you, what’s been going on at your end of the world?

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