Welcome The Mahogany Way Sponsor EarJeans

I am excited to welcome Tasha LaRae of EarJeans as a sponsor. Her Jewelry is so beautiful,  spunky, and creative. You can tell that each piece is crafted with love, and that she truly enjoys what she does.

Some of my favorites are the Statement Earrings from her 365 collection, this beautiful Pink Rose Quartz bracelet, you know how I love pink! And this Earthy Feather Necklace.


Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to start Earjeans.

I am a creative person by nature. My first passion is singing. I’ve been singing since my childhood and as an adult it has been my career for the past 12 years. About 4 years ago I joined the Hip hop group Arrested Development (Grammy award winning group from the 90’s) as the lead female vocalist and newest member of the group. My days have been filled with traveling to many different places around the world while doing what I love, singing! I also started my jewelry business the same year I joined the group (2008) as I wanted an additional avenue of income to sustain me during the “lean” months of the music industry. I started making pieces for my stage performances and then the fans would want my jewelry after the shows! I quickly learned all I could about the jewelry making business including various designing techniques and I jumped in head first. One of the best decisions I ever made.

Singing in Japan

If you had to pick only one piece of jewelry, what would be your favorite?

This is soooo not a fair question, lol! If I could only pick one piece, I would have to say a charm bracelet that my little brother purchased for me as a Christmas gift this past year. It’s a chain link bracelet with various charms in the shape of angels, pearls, and crystal beads. He said I was his guardian angel and that’s why it bought it for me. I thought it was the cutest thing ever especially since my brother is 12 years old. He’s awesome!

What kind of woman does your jewelry speak to?

I believe my jewelry speaks to the woman that is very sure and confident about her character and personality. She embraces everything that makes her unique (flaws and all) and makes no apologies for who she is. Her personal style is a direct reflection of this.


I love what I do. For a long time I would dream of pursuing a successful career in music and when I finally took that leap of faith, I discovered new things about myself. I am currently a full time singer and jewelry designer and have been for the past 4 years. It takes courage to step away from what’s normal (only working a regular 9-5) into something that you are unsure of and has no guarantees of success. But you are guaranteed to fail if you never try. Don’t get me wrong, it is a hard road and you will second guess yourself a lot but your passion to see it’s desired end will help see you through until that dream becomes a reality. And it will be worth it all. So if there is something deep inside you that keeps “calling” you, answer your destiny, honey because it won’t go away until you do.

See what I mean by beautiful, spunky, and creative? You can also follow Tasha on her Blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Be on the lookout next month for a giveaway from EarJeans.

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