Recovery Mode

That’s what we’ve been doing since last week sometime. Ava is the only one that didn’t catch the virus *knock on wood*

I caught it the day after Samuel. Charles took off work and made sure I was able to rest all day. Sleeping like that was so incredible! Yes, I can say that even though I was sick. Do you know the last time I was able to sleep for more than 4 hours without being woke up by one of the kids, or to check on the kids? Before I had kids! 

Then Charles caught it the day before his birthday, so he was sick on his birthday this year. He keeps telling me he got the best present ever…sleep! I’m not one for letting a birthday go by in this family without making a hoopla. 
Even though it couldn’t be helped, I still feel awful that almost all of us were hit with the virus near and on his birthday. I didn’t get to go shopping like I had planned. Even though he insists it’s fine, I’m making plans to celebrate his birthday later in the week, since we’re all better now.

We’ve been moving pretty slow the past few days, I think. Maybe I’ve been moving slow – and Kiah and Samuel are the ones moving as fast as usual. That sounds about right.

Who else recovers with chocolate? I know I’m not the only one!

A failed attempt at organizing….this may be as good as it gets right now.
Missing bins for our storage area. I’m sure the kids have them around the house somewhere, with something in them.

My non-existent cloth diaper storage unit that’s holding my wraps, the few cloth diapers I have left, and my crochet bag. And more kids toys in the middle…yea I need to do something about this space. I’ll put it on my to do list for this week.

Big thanks to my friend SarahBeth! She gave us this washer for the kids back in the fall of 2010. It was a Christmas present for the kids in 2011.Wish I could say I’m amazed we let it set for a year….but, well, you know how it is.The kids really like it! At least someone is doing laundry around here…

See that book on the bottom left with the girl and the pink/purple cover? Kiah picked it out at the library last week because “it has pictures of girls and  talks all about girls” That it does. It’s a book about some of the embarrassing things that teenage girls can go through. Farting, Burping, etc…She told me she doesn’t want her panties to stick out like that girls. I told her I don’t want that either.

See that big book about Electricity right above the one Kiah picked out? Ava picked that one out all by herself. She’s still at that stage where she likes to do everything her big sister does. When I told her the book didn’t have many pictures she said “that’s ok! it has lots of letters”

He wanted more applesauce, and was making a mess all over the floor. Quick and easy fix – grab a blanket!

A glimpse into what recovery can look like in our house.

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