I Am Done With This Winter Already

We’re having a really really really rough winter. The sad part, besides the kids being sick for 2 weeks straight….winter is just now getting started here. One day it’s in the 40’s, the next it’s in the upper 60’s, and then down into the 30’s. To that I say…. Seriously!?

I’m just so tired, but I can’t sleep. That’s why I’m here blogging at whatever time in the morning it is. I don’t even want to know…..I’ll find out when I hit publish.

I’m starting to feel like we’ll never fully come out of all this sickness. Kiah seems to be growing out of her asthma as she gets older. Ava and Samuel get hit hard though. The past two days I have literally been across my couch with either both Samuel and Ava on my lap, and Kiah at my side(when she’s not into something else around the house) or nursing Samuel while the girls play Wii, or play at the computer.

When they go upstairs I start Brothers & Sisters on Netflix. We’ve also been doing lots of coloring and drawing lately. I went through and sharpened all of their colored pencils the other day. They were worn way down. Coloring books, workbooks, drawing on plain paper, we’re doing it all.

I’m tired of complaining about how tired I am, but I am…. Tired. I took Samuel in to the Dr’s today. Well, yesterday….whatever, and they did a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia. His x-ray was clear and they’ve started him on a controller (Pulmicort) for him to use in his breathing treatments at home. One of my concerns was the amount of steroids he’s been getting since last summer/fall. One dose of steroids, and when I say dose, I mean course of treatment over a 4/5 day period is the equivalent to what you’re supposed to have over the entire year.

All of that has been going into his little body off and on for the past 6 months or so. I feel so bad for him, and now Ava’s getting the respiratory thing Samuel has. Kiah had it too, but it wasn’t as severe….she was done the next day.

So, I made my concerns known about how much he’s been getting lately, and they finally decided to give him the Pulmicort. The steroid helps with the inflammation and swelling in his lungs and all that so he can breathe, but I’m hoping this controller will help keep us out of the hospital for a very long time. I’m done with ER visits this year. They have all of these triggers…..change in weather, dust, catching a cold, fragrance, foods.

This was supposed to be a one paragraph post. Ha! I really need adult conversation. Can’t talk on the phone because every 5 minutes I hear mommy I need…..I want….can you?….mom she’s touching me!

In between all of the chaos are moments like this one. Samuel was so fussy that day. He had been sitting in Kiah’s lap and then he got back in my lap, she went upstairs to get something and he had a complete melt down. Throwing his little body all over my lap screaming and crying for ya-ya…..she wasn’t even gone for a full 60 seconds. She came back down and he reached up for her.I immediately grabbed my camera and smiled so big once this picture came up on my screen. I love this picture. I look at it several times a day.

Reminders that there are moments of peace amidst all the sickness, chaos, and clutter that is my life right now.

I did get some really gooooood news in my email. I was interviewed by Bamboo Magazine last winter! The issue came out today. I thought there would be a little blurb, but I was scrolling across the bottom looking for the page she told me it would be on, and I’m thinking that looks like Samuel. That IS Samuel! I have a two page spread! All I kept saying was Wow….over and over. I’m in there with some pretty great bloggers. That link takes you directly to my page, but be sure to check out the other bloggers, and the rest of the magazine. There’s some good stuff in there.

After typing all of this I figured why I can’t sleep…..even though I’m dog tired, this is the only time of day or night(depending on where you are)that I have all to myself. Oh, I changed my template. I like it a lot. Think I’ll leave it like this for a while.

I’m going to stop now…..but I really am done with this winter.

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