it’s been simple

This 7yr old of mine has her own style. I’m lovin’ that hat on her. She lost another tooth so we’re going to the dollar store to spend her tooth fairy money later today.
Not too long ago I was talking about not being able to get a picture of her because she moves so much, and so quickly….now she’s always posing and asking me to take her picture.

Dino Toss. This game is so much fun! We were all over shooting at first, but eventually got the hang of it. While we were playing I was thinking that this game teaches physics, very cool.

It’s been feeling more like Spring again here in the beach lately. And so we have painted toes. She chose the color and pattern herself.

What else….

more and more coloring and drawing. Ava’s little ms sunshine

Samuel and Cars duplos

Pretend play being He-man and She-ra. Me and my brother used to pretend to be them when we were kids too.

Wii play

Eight books at bedtime….not short board books either. Dr Seuss, Disney, Farmers Market and Unicorns to start….then it was an episode of  Wild China on Netflix before the girls conked out at after midnight. They almost made it to the end of the episode.

Did you know there were bamboo rats? Also sap is used for making rubber?  We talked about the red panda that looks more like a fox, and the black and white panda. Watched them zip across wild rivers to get to the markets. Very interesting stuff. Think will watch another episode or two later this evening after we finish our runs.

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