Beach Treasures

We always bring home something from the beach….besides tons of sand. I had a Tweetup with one of  my Twitter friends Tuesday. We were originally going to do a park, but the kids had been asking for the beach and the weather was nice, so why not! Kiah is convinced that Winter is over since the weather’s been so nice. Don’t I wish.

 It was nice to meet someone and learn more about them. But you feel like you already know them, ya know? She was really cool, and we had so much fun. I enjoyed learning more about her and her family, and of course talking birth.

She pointed out all the teeny tiny jellyfish to the girls and it was over after that. The ran up and down the beach collecting them…filling a small pale with at least 20 jellyfish and water. They ended up “cooking” with them instead of bringing them home as planned.
We’ve only seen the bigger ones during the Summer months.

The completely clear ones don’t sting, but the clear with pinkish red dots on top do.
Even Samuel got in on the jellyfishing with his sisters help.

 We also found a ton of horseshoe crab shells. We don’t see any of those during the summer so that was a nice treat. We usually spot the smaller ones that come and go from their tiny crab holes in the sand.
We came home with a short list of goodies….

horseshoe crab shells

Some of the shells have the most beautiful swirl patterns and colors. There were a couple with two or three shells fossilized together – and we talked a little about how that process happens.

After they were done showing them off to the rest of the family they were put into a jar to be displayed. I can’t wait until we move this Spring. I’m planning on having a nature bookshelf or something for them to display all the treasures they find out and about.

What kind of treasures are you and your kids collecting?

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