Finding Our Rhythm

This is one area that I’ve really struggled with until recently. I always thought the rhythm of a home was supposed to look a certain way. Maybe it is. I believe that with everything else – each family will have a rhythm that works for them.

girls playing toy story 3 memory game in their hideout

With the hours that Charles works and having one vehicle, it can be hard to do the same things at the same time every single day.  We do have outside activities on certain days of the week –  girl scouts, homesschool co-op, and ballet. Sometimes I feel restricted on what we can and can’t do with having one vehicle, but we’ve made it work our entire marriage. Sometimes he’ll take the bus to or from work while I keep the van, but mostly I drop him off and pick him up.

 We don’t have craft time, story time, free play time, video game/computer time….those things happen all throughout the day on any given day. The girls don’t nap anymore – Samuel goes to sleep when he’s tired most of the time….other times he fights it, but that’s nothing my wraps can’t fix.

I don’t do things early in the morning because we’re all night owls. I love having that freedom for the kids bodies to rest for as long as they need it.  The only days of the week we need to get up at certain times…co-op/ballet days.

I suppose it’s my own daily rhythm I’m concerned with the most. I want and need to start exercising again. I’m getting older and my body’s feeling it. Plus I wouldn’t mind shedding 20lbs or so. I’ve added more things to my plate and now I’m in the process of deciding what to keep and what to let go.

I’m going to start getting out once a week to do something for myself, either alone, or with another mama friend. I need and deserve it. I need that time to recharge, to be away from the kids, to be me. More than wife and mother, ya know?

As for the kids….the only area I really want to have a routine is at night. We’re working on different techniques to help them wind down. It seems they get their second wind around 7/8.
I think we’ll need to try each one for 2-4 weeks before we know if it’s really going to work for us or not.
I truly believe that once we’re out on our own, just the five of us, there will be a better flow to our nights.

One of my friends suggested Epsom salt baths. My kids loooove to take baths. That’s something that’s easy to do right now. Both girls frequently say they feel itchy when they try to go to sleep. I wonder if they feel the way I do when my body is telling me it’s time to lay it down. I often feel tingly, can’t really sit still, and I know once I lay down I can relax.

Hmm….maybe it’s not rhythm I’m looking for? Or maybe we’ve already found our rhythm and I’m just now realizing it.  Maybe we only need some fine tuning in certain areas. I think there is a rhythm to how we spend our days together, the times when we’re cooking, crafting, reading, out and about, or watching tv together. There’s a rhythm that flows for our family in many ways.

What does the rhythm look like in your family?

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