Kiah’s Mosaic

Painting the morning away

First and probably the only snow of winter 2012

This weekend on Netflix:

National Geographic – Amazing Planet

Kiah loves volcanoes – and the first episode in Amazing Planet was all about volcanoes. How they formed around the earth. We learned about plate tectonics, and all of the volcanoes around the world. Since she’s a visual child this film was great for her. She really enjoyed it. Asking lots of questions all throughout. The most exciting for me was the illustration of the super-continent Pangea.
We all learned something new!

IMAX: Dolphins

Ava is into Dolphins right now – and she found this documentary all by herself.
She was fascinated by the dolphins interacting with people, twisting in the air, and hearing the sounds they make.

Blue Planet – Seas of Life

Kiah is interested in  sharks and Ava wanted to see somethng all about Orthas – that’s what she calls Killer Whales. Best of both worlds in this film…also some polar bears, seals, and walruses.

We’ve been all about documentaries lately.


There was more painting

Joining Amanda at Habit of Being.

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