Yarn Along: I’m Knitting!

I am so stinkin’ excited that I can knit! My friend Dee took me on a yarn date several weeks ago, and then we went back for the store’s Super Ball sale. She let me borrow a pair of circular needles and suggested I try this hat – so that’s what I’m working on.  My new bloggy friend, Angela has been encouraging me along the way as well. I met her through Dee.

Back to the knitting, hehe….when I first started this hat I was about 8 rows in when I realized I had twisted it. I was really mad, but I pulled it out and started over.  There are so many mistakes, dropped stitches, knitted when I should’ve been purling. It’s all part of the process, right? I’m really having fun with it. I taught myself how to knit!

I have two other yarns and those will probably become hats as well.
The blue/green is for the boys, and the pink one on the bottom is for me. I thought one ball of what I’m working on now would be enough for both girls hats, but I’m going to need one more for Ava.

The books – The Gift of Dyslexia. My mom is dyslexic, and so am I.
I didn’t find out until I was well into high-school. I see Kiah showing some signs, and I picked up the book thinking it would give me a better glimpse into how to best help her, and it does, but I’m also learning so much about myself!

The second book may cause some frowns from the unschooling community. 
A Parents Guide to Gifted Children. In the research I’ve been doing, I’ve found that Dyslexia and ADD, or ADHD run hand in hand. The more research I’ve done on ADD, I’m finding those kids are also considered to be Gifted. Charles was diagnosed with ADD as a child, and we’ve both seen a lot of those same characteristics in Kiah over the last two years, but especially in this last year.

I’ve been reading both of these books off and on since the beginning of the year. They are really helping me to understand her, myself, and Charles better.  I’ll go into more on these subjects – testing, treatment, etc in another post soon.

Join Ginny and many others for Yarn Along.

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