Good Ol’ Fun

Every Thursday there is a homeschool park playdate. Every Thursday I forget. I had only been two or three times, once towards the end of my pregnancy with Samuel, and I think two other times since he’s been born.

I had posted on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to meet us at the beach Thursday since it was going to be in the 70’s. We had trouble coordinating that, and I didn’t want to sit at the beach alone. I needed some mama company. One of my friends reminded me about park day –  so that’s where we went.

We were really early, but that didn’t stop my three from running to check the place out. While I was at the other end with Samuel I could here the girls giggling and squealing.
Ava keeps asking when we’re going back to the park with the silver spinning thing…..probably next Thursday.

 I didn’t get as much mama time as I wanted – Samuel thinks he’s as big as the girls, so of course he can do everything they do.
I was worried they were going to spin him too fast. They didn’t go as slow as I would like, but Samuel didn’t seem to mind. He would roll off and get right back up there.

They played on the swings, and once the other kids arrived, they took turns on the spinning thing. They played tag, and climbed all over the metal jungle gyms.

Not long after I would sit down to talk to my mama friends, Samuel would want to go check out something else. He really enjoyed himself on that slide. The first time he went down with Ava….after that he slid down without help. My baby is growing up!

Everyone had a good time. That beautiful Spring weather we had from Wed-Fri was such a tease. I really need warmer weather to stay. My mood is much better, I have more energy, and who doesn’t like warmth and sunshine?

Since Thursday there’s been…

Wii Play
Little Monsters & Beetle Juice on Netflix
Barney & Dora on Netflix
New books
Backyard play
Front yard play with their neighbor friend
Painting, more painting, and more painting
Decorating cardboard crowns with feathers and sequins
Exploring all the new online games I bookmarked from Sunnymama
Sipping wine, reading, and knitting for this mama
The kids almost driving me to tears.
Lots of thought on my upcoming mom’s night out – it’s desperately needed

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest….we’ll see how that goes.

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