Mama’s Timeout

As mother’s we’re often busy taking care of everyone else, and rarely do we take the time to do something for ourselves.
It can be 30 minutes – or two hours. Taking this time recharges my soul, and helps me to be a better mother.
Link up your blog post or photo sharing the mama’s timeout you took for yourself this week.


I was barely able to squeeze out anytime for myself. Between shuffling all over the place to gather soccer and ballet apparel, girl scouts, homeschool co-op, and our usual day to day living – we were really busy this week. I did manage a few moments.

 I have learned how to do the magic loop method for knitting! I know…I’m so wild. As you can see I’m not that far into it. I took it out 3-4 times already, but I think I’m good now. I’m working on – this hat  for Ava… but you know what’s missing from that picture? A glass of wine! Not sure why I keep forgetting to get some back in the house.

I feel like I’m cheating this week….I really wanted to post photos from  the Mom’s Night Out, but that’s not happening until later in the evening. I promise to come back and update this post with a few pictures.
I’ve been looking forward to this event for weeks. It is much needed.

Link up with the linky below to your actual blog post. It could be a cup of coffee, a bath, polishing your nails, working in the garden, girls night in, needle work, date night, knitting, reality tv, …..anything you enjoy doing when you need to recharge.

I’m looking forward to seeing what all you lovely mama’s have been up to.

ETA: I didn’t get the night out i was looking forward to. It was canceled at the last minute. Maybe next time! I was able to sip some wine at home, but it’s not the same.

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