A Rainy Day Trip to Animal Jungle

We took a trip to Animal Jungle the other day. Pocoyo needed  a few more treats, and I wanted to talk with the staff about possibly introducing another guinea pig. They said since we have a male and he’s been alone for so long that he may not welcome another guinea pig. In the next few weeks we’re going to take him in and see how well he does in neutral territory with one.

Whenever we go to Animal Jungle, we always spend at least two hours in the store. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Answering the kids questions, and giving us little known facts about all the animals.

Fish at the entrance.

Koi are so pretty. When we lived in Minnesota, one of their zoos had a Japanese exhibit with all different types of beautiful trees and ponds of Kio throughout.

The girls were fascinated buy the turtles swimming around in the water. I don’t remember the Sting Ray being there last time. See him under the turtle?

They look pretend, but they’re real. Hanging out soaking up some heat lamp.

At the entrance with the fish are different types of rocks that you could use in your tanks. This one is called Blue Ice.
Next time we go in we’re going to grab several types of rocks to start a rock collection. We can look them up online to see what they would be used for, but mainly because most of them were really pretty, and inexpensive.

I was looking at a fish tank with Samuel when Kiah called me over to tell me about the little lobsters. I told her they didn’t have lobsters in the store…I was wrong…sort of. These guys don’t even look real!

This is a Mexican Orange Dwarf Crayfish.

Onto the reptiles! Kiah was really looking forward to holding a snake, but they had just fed them and didn’t want them being handled for another 24 hours. Guess where we’re probably going again later this week?

Isn’t he so small and cute?

The door to this big guy is usually shut, but it was open the day we went. I took a few steps almost inside to get a picture of him.

Ava wanted to see the birds next. Look  – it’s Rio!
This Blue Macaw is named cookie. She’s been there for a long time and is not for sale.

There are three rooms of birds that you can enter into at your own risk.This was named the loud room by the girls, because all the birds in there are quite loud. They wanted to hold a bird on their arm, but I had to try first. So I’m standing there with Samuel in one arm and this Blue/Gold Macaw on the other.

Neither one of the girls would take a picture of him on my arm. They said they were too scared to move. Kiah held him on her arm as well. No pictures of that…by the time I got the phone ready, he flew off her arm and back onto the window.  She surprised me. I didn’t think she would really hold the bird on her arm, but she did. My big brave girl.

We talked about how surprised we were at  how heavy he was. While we were in there and another woman was holding him, he snatched her diamond earring right out of her ear. She was not happy. We took that as our cue to exit. Our trip was done.

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