I was a little upset to miss Kiah’s first soccer game, but Charles and my Dad took pictures, and video for me. These photos are from Charles.

I would check in from time to time via text and a quick phone call. Hopefully, the rest of her games won’t fall at the same time as Ava’s ballet class. Ava wanted to see her sister play soccer too, but she was more excited for her own class…

This weekend was a little busy, and the rest of this month probably will be as well. I hesitate to post this on the blog….every other time I have I feel like I’ve jinxed it. Maybe if I don’t say the actual words…we’re hunting…. for a place with four walls, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms….

Feeling a little thrown off by the time change. The kids seem to be handling it well.
The few minutes I was able to sit and relax on the couch yesterday evening were sooooo very nice.

Joining Amanda, check her out.

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