Signs of Spring

Or would that be Summer we’ve been having lately? If you ask Kiah, she will tell you it’s Summer. Ask her why she thinks it’s summer, her answer is simple…. ” the trees and flowers are blooming, and the bees are out!” 

We had a record high here in VA yesterday. It was either 84 or 85 degrees….I don’t think it matters too much when it’s that close to 90, ya know?

We’ve been soaking up some much needed vitamin D. Meeting friends for playdates, hanging out in the back and front yard.

The girls picked a bunch of these beauties and brought them in the house for me *love*

I played dolls with Ava the other day. That took me back to when I played with dolls. We had fun changing their clothes, doing and redoing their hair. Then she arranged them by hair color.  She said ” the girls with the yellow hair were going to one place….the girls with the brown hair are going to another.”

Samuel is fascinated by the garbage truck. He runs to the window or door every week saying “ruck, ruck!” when he hears it coming.

You know what…. Who told him he could grow so fast?  He’ll be two in May. 

Lots of doing and being going on round this way

After her first game
Soccer Practice

Also lots of Mighty Mouse, iCarly, Shark Week, Drawing, Solar System, and Anatomy Research. Also a little knitting and reading for mama.

I’ve made my wish for warm weather to stay several times in the past two months. Please, oh please let it come true!

pretty tree in what I hope to soon be our new neighborhood

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