I wanted to get this post up earlier today, but I stayed away from the world wide web today.

Saturday was quite busy for us. Up very early in the morning….ran to get breakfast for everyone(no time to grocery shop yet) and then off to Ballet for Ava.

Back home, lunch, back out the door for Kiah’s soccer game(they won!)

Dropped Charles off at work after the game – then to the mall for a Girl Scout event at Build A Bear.
Kiah is holding ‘Beary The Girl Scout Bear’ …she picked that name all by herself.

Charles and I attempted  a party that my neighbor was having across town, but Samuel woke up just as we were getting home and ready to head back out. I was feeling a little anxious about leaving him…why you ask?
The other night when he woke up, Charles went to get him, and Samuel grabbed hold of the door frame. He didn’t realize I was downstairs and Charles was bringing him to me.

No worries though – I know we’ll get out after 9/10pm one day without the children.

There was no sleeping in Sunday. Up early to get breakfast for everyone, the grocery store, and back home…. Charles was cleaning out the guinea pig cage and we ended up with a small puddle in the yard.
That ended with three muddy children…..which resulted in early baths for everyone.

Ava was covered in the most mud, so I washed and twisted her hair. We had a mini Bratz marathon on Netflix while I did her hair, Samuel napped, and Kiah dug worms in the yard to feed the birds.

She came in so excited “mom, I dug up a worm, threw it across the yard and the bird swooped down to eat it!”

I’m sending the weekend out with a glass of Red Moscato right now.  Joining Amanda at the habit of being.

How was your weekend?

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