Mama’s Timeout

As mother’s we’re often busy taking care of everyone else, and rarely do we take the time to do something for ourselves.
It can be 30 minutes – or two hours. Taking this time recharges my soul, and helps me to be a better mother.
Link up your blog post or photo sharing the mama’s timeout you took for yourself this week.

After I picked Charles up from work last night I had him drop me off at Barnes and Noble.
I ordered an Iced Caramel Macchiato made with soy milk. Yummy! I sat admiring my new shoes, did some people watching, and played around on Twitter and Facebook.

I was looking for a book to purchase, but didn’t have a specific title in mind. I asked on Twitter for either a good mystery, romance, or baby/birth book. Then decided I would rather read something non baby/birth related,  and got a few recommendations between last night and today.

Walter Mosley Detective Series, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, and a Historical fiction book – all true travels and adventures of Liddie Newton by Jane Smile.
They all sound good, and I think I’ll pick one up this next week….just not sure which one yet.

My Macchiato was delicious…. sweet but not too sweet, and I really enjoyed simply sitting, sipping, and relaxing for those 45 minutes. All. Alone.

Were you able to take time for yourself this week?

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