Good Things

Girls called this a Rainbow Crab
Our new backyard

This past week has been full of good things. I took the kids to the beach after homeschool co-op last Friday. We hung out there for a couple of hours. The water was too cold for me, but as you can see, they didn’t mind it at all.

We’ve signed the lease for our new place, and are moving things over there little by little. We’re  hoping to stay over there tonight.I’m a little sad to leave the area we’re in now. I have so many friends over here, and I know the area pretty well after living here for three years.
We’re moving across the water, but still on this side of the water. I know that sounds confusing. I think it’s about 30 minutes from where we are now.

I’m looking forward to learning a new city, and I have friends that live near our new place. It should be a smooth transition.I won’t like being so far from the beach, but I know the drive will be well worth it this summer. I’m just glad we know about the local beaches.

We’re all in love with our new place and our awesome backyard! I’m so excited to decorate a place with more of my style, to have our own space after living with family for over a year. Charles and my dad took our new to us dining room and living room set over last night, and I’m taking some smaller boxes of books, toys, craft supplies, and clothes with the kids today.

Have you noticed the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter lately? So bright and beautiful.
I feel like everything in my life is lining up right now like the moon and planets. 

I most likely won’t be back here in this space until next week after we’re moved in and somewhat settled. You know I can’t stay away long, and you’ll see on Twitter and Facebook if you follow me there.

I hope the rest of your week is fantastic!

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