around the new neighborhood

We’re all moved into our new place, but not unpacked. I had this unrealistic vision of being unpacked within the week. Remember how we were supposed to move in a little at a time? Life has a way of not going along with our plans. Not being able to unpack the way I wanted is causing me quite a bit of anxiety, but I’m working through it.

We had a little set back getting our internet hooked up, so I’m phone blogging. I hope my pictures come out ok….I can’t tell if they’re in order or not.

I am loving this Historic District we live in now. Don’t think I’ve talked about it much, but I have a thing for the vintage, character, and charm of old houses. The girls appreciate it too. We went on a nice long walk the other day, and they were amazed by all the different houses.

I started out taking the pictures, then Kiah asked for a turn, and it wasn’t long before Ava wanted her turn….so Kiah came up with the idea of them going back and forth taking three pictures.

There’s so much for us to do and explore here in Portsmouth. Ships, Old houses, Museums, Restaurants, Parks, and Trails to name a few. Lots of cute bistro type places and theaters for my Mama’s Timeout. I’m so excited to dig into our new surroundings! 

Love Notes

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