I love that it’s starting to feel like we’ve been in this place for a while. We had a nice relaxing, full of fun weekend.
The kids have adjusted well…same fights, making up, different place.

We went to Dee’s house Friday. That was big big fun. Good food, kids getting along well, and lots of laughing from the adults playing Boggle.

Saturday I was up and out early for ballet with Ava. So glad Kiah didn’t have soccer this weekend, but her next two games are at 8am….ugh!
The girls said they wanted to do something different and fun, so I thought a walk through the arboretum trails would be a great idea. Kiah said it was boring to walk around looking at stuff….so it was off to one of our favorite parks.

We also made time to stop by to see an old friend before picking Charles up from work. She gave me a printer, some storage bins, a tv, and a few play things for the girls.

Sunday morning, the kids opened their Easter gifts. I cooked a breakfast of grits, eggs, toast, hashbrowns, and sausage.

After Charles went to work, I took the kids for a walk around the neighborhood, and the girls took more pictures. Funny, Kiah thought that was fun…..made even more fun by playing in the beachy area near the house. We watched boats and ducks go by, the girls made a giant rock collection, and Samuel threw rocks and sand into the water.
Ava found a crab skin that we ended up bringing home….I found out it was later made into soup in the backyard by Kiah.

I noticed the pics come up in a random order, and there’s one old unrelated photo in here that I can’t figure out how to delete….ah well. How was your weekend?

I’m joining Amanda at the habit of being.


Love Notes

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