Busy Weekend

Our weekend started with a 8:30am soccer game. I’m so glad Kiah loves soccer, it makes waking her for these early games a little easier.

I forgot that Ava’s ballet school was on Spring break, so I ended up with a very disappointed 4yr old after rushing over there.
Somewhere in all the madness I lost $30 . Still upset about that.

I was supposed to attend a Fiber Festival with Dee, but she needed to cancel. We ended up meeting with an online mama friend and her kiddies at Bluebird Gap Farm.
After leaving there I had to set in a 7mile back up for 2hrs on the highway.

Sunday we were supposed to attend a birthday party at the same farm, but I was terrified of having to sit through that traffic again. We also needed to conserve gas. Found out later that day there was no backup….figures!

I ended up going to a homeschool garage sale that Dee and another friend told me about. I think we cleaned up there nicely. The lovely couple is delivering the rest of the items to our house this week. So excited for the kids to have new backyard toys.

What I could fit in my van…. Duplos, bendy blocks, bob the builder, a white frame/shelf that I’m going to paint. Two veggie tale stuffed animals, a cookbook, and a few craft supplies.

The items going in our backyard later this week….a small sandbox, Jon deer ride on, two smaller ride ons, a water table, small kitchen set.
The woman was kind enough to show me her yarn stash, and craft shelf that she hadn’t pulled out yet. I’m going back to get those in a couple weeks.

Charles took the kids around the corner to a park for about an hour last night. Poured myself a glass of wine, and started to move some furniture around. Trying to get the place in some sort of order so we can start having our friends over. Also need to get some pictures on the walls.

We were supposed to attend a homeschool co-op field trip this morning, but Ava isn’t feeling well, and I thought a day at home to recoup would be nice for all of us.

I’m starting to be annoyed by this phone blogging. Takes forever to add links, my pictures are small, not centered, and out of order *sigh*

How was your weekend?


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