Portsmouth Children’s Museum

Can you believe we’ve been here for three years, and last week was our first time visiting the museum? I’m glad we were able to visit before this sickness swept through the house.

It was well worth the wait! We enjoyed it just as much as the kids did. We were all fascinated with the train area, especially Samuel. I love how detailed the exhibit was.

The bubble room is pretty amazing. Being able to stand inside a bubble as your making it. Then they had individual stations for your regular bubble blowing fun.
Samuel would have none of standing inside the bubble. I think some parts of the museum may have been a little too much stimulation for him.

Then there’s the boat where the kids can wear life jackets and fish. Then they toss them back into their correct spot….each slot had a little information about the fish.
I checked out the bank not too far from the boat. Wrote myself a $4000 check….I’m still waiting for that money.

The grocery store was another favorite. The kids could be cashiers and customers. They were so cute with their tiny baskets, in a store just their size for shopping.
Off the store was the Doctors and Dentist office.

There was also a music room, a fire engine room, which I thought Samuel would love…but he was scared of that room. You could put out the flames and pretend to ride on the life size truck.

Kiah couldn’t wait to check out the upstairs. They had all kinds of experiments for the kids to play with.
Energy and static electricity exhibits.
We probably spent the last hour up there. We weren’t done, but a certain 4yr old was becoming either tired, hungry, or both….there was a tantrum and small disappearing act, so it was time to go.

I left out a ton of the museum. So much to see, do, and touch!
We will definitely go back.


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