Thursday Talk: Tooting My Own Horn

I’ve been thinking about my motherhood and parenting journey a lot lately.
Even though I don’t feel good enough sometimes, when I step back and take a good look at my life – I realize how privileged and blessed I am.

I’m ready to toot my own horn now.

I’ve always wanted to live by the beach. Now I do, very close actually. I have three beautiful, happy, healthy children, and a husband that I can stand a good majority of the time *I’m smiling when I say that*

I’m able to stay home with my kids. Virginia is a great place to raise a family. So much history, and natural beauty here.
We’ve barely scratched the surface of all there is to do in our surrounding cities, let alone the entire state.

Not only am I able to stay home, I’m also unschooling. I’m able to create this life that I chose, I enjoy, and am falling inlove with all over again.

My high-school peers…they picked on me so bad. I was ugly, stupid, never would get married or have kids.

If the person I was 10+years ago could’ve looked into the future, and saw all that I am now, I would’ve laughed so hard!

Black stay at home mom to three? Homebirth? Breastfeeding? Babywearing? Unschooling? Taking a stand for something because I believe in it, and not because someone else says I should? Running two moderately successful blogs, and online community with Twitter and Facebook? Not that girl….

Yet here I am. I love it!
May I continue to be challenged, and exceed expectantions.

You want to toot your horn too, don’t you? Go on, share in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Thursday Talk: Tooting My Own Horn

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  2. This. I need to learn to do this. I had to write a resume. I didn’t do it. I just didn’t do it. I couldn’t seem to think of any “accomplishments, achievements,” or “jobs,” that were even appropriate, let alone meaningful or things I would consider myself good at. WORKIT, girl. TOOT that horn!!!

    • We all have things we’re good at. I bet if you sat down and made a list of things you enjoy, you would also find things you’re good at.

  3. this is so beautiful to read. it’s encouraging to me and know that one day i will be fully living the life i want. so i toot my horn to what is working for us (me + family) right now. thanks for making us all stop and look at the wonderfulness and fullness in our PRESENT lives. toottooootttt!!!!

    • We women are so hard on ourselves. It’s imperative that we take time to stop and really look at all we do, and all that we are. I’m glad this post helped you stop and take time to toot your horn!

  4. Hooray for You!! It’s so affirming and sooo much more healthy and joyful to Toot than to shame and scowl at ourselves!
    I’m so happy for your happy Self! : )

  5. Beautiful. The confidence that we develop as adults- and even more as parents is remarkable to me. I too, am incredibly grateful for the clarity that it brings. But instead of tooting my own horn tonight, I’ll toot yours. Because really, you are speaking for a whole lot of us!

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