Mama’s Timeout: Happy Mother’s Day!

As mother’s we’re often busy taking care of everyone else, and rarely do we take the time to do something for ourselves. It can be 30 minutes – or two hours. Taking this time recharges my soul, and helps me to be a better mother. Link your blog post or photo in the comments to the mama’s timeout you took for yourself this week.





How nice that my Mama Time fell in sync with Mother’s Day. I told you I would eventually start to explore this new area… It was so nice being out…late at night….with no kids. We were out until about midnight….couple of wild women we were….hehehe.

I know today is Mother’s Day, and we wouldn’t be moms without our kids. But this past week had been especially rough. Seems like all I do is drive all over town some days. I didn’t realize how exhausting driving around can be!

So, yes….mama time was definitely in order.

Dee met me at my place and drove us over to 619 Cantina. A cute little  bar/restaurant. We were expecting Jazz music, and I don’t remember hearing any. It was more like radio hip hop, oh well. The food was really good, and the prices super affordable. I’m eating my leftovers for breakfast this morning with the kids.

We talked about some serious things, joked, and there was lots of laughing. We had a really good time!

I have this photo of Dee eating her gigantic buritto, and even though it’s a good picture(for a photo of someone eating) I promised not to post it. Seriously though, it’s a great picture.

We’re supposed to go check out Theodore the Tugboat when Charles gets back in a few hours, but we’ll see. You know how plans change.

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope it’s an extra special day for all of you. I also hope you get to recharge in a way that works for you and your family.


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