Some New Plants & Theodore Tugboat

Before I tell you about this adorable tugboat, I have to show you my new plants! I know I’ve been going on and on about gardening stuff lately, but I can’t help it! I’m so happy to be able to experiment with my style on many different levels….gardening and decorating the outside of our place  happens to be the main one right now.

Don’t worry, once I get down to business on decorating the inside,  I’ll go on and on about that in every other post.

First up…my parents got me a Begonia plant for Mother’s Day. I chose the pink one, mainly because I love the bright green look of the leaves. The red ones leaves are too waxy and fake looking for me. There is another plant they got for me, but I can’t remember the name. I’ll check the name later and get back to you.


On Sunday I ran to the store to get Potting soil, another plant or two for myself, and the girls picked their own. Have to get back to you with photos and the names of theirs. We also need to transplant them.

I really love how everything we have so far is low maintenance…something has to be around here!

This is my Medium Celosia. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to bring some home. I love the bright colors, and the bumpy like texture. They are the perfect addition to the front yard.


I’m in love with this little space outside my front door.



Around 3pm Sunday afternoon, we were finally ready to head to downtown Norfolk.

I read about Theodore Tugboat in one of the local online activity magazines.
Theodore comes from Halifax, Nova Scotia. We learned this is one of Norfolks sister cities.

It was free to go on and check out the boat. I had no idea people actually lived on it…..I guess they would have to…touring the country to show off Theodore.

Samuel slept the entire time. The girls were quite fascinated with the boat. He’s much bigger on the inside than he looks.

I must admit that Charles and I were pretty impressed with Theodore as well.







We were able to check out every place on the boat, except the kitchen, and down below where they sleep. What’s that called?

You can see where Theodore has been so far. They hadn’t updated the blog with his visit here last I checked. You can probably also find out his next stop by doing a google search.

I didn’t realize how popular he was/is. There was a TV series, YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook!

If you get a chance to check him out in your neck of the woods, come back and let me know!


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    • Pot them for now. I’m going to ask about breaking the ground here again. Everything is really easy to take care of…..maybe he’ll change his mind.

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