Mama’s Timeout

As Mother’s we’re often busy taking care of everyone else, and rarely do we take the time to do something for ourselves. It can be 30 minutes – or two hours. Taking this time recharges my soul, and helps me to be a better mother. Link your blog post or photo in the comments to the mama’s timeout you took this week.



I had been looking forward to a Spa Party all week. It was being hosted by one of my fellow birth junkie friends….and not too far from where we live.

Charles had to close the store, and with it being a Saturday evening, it took a little longer than usual. The party started at 7….the store didn’t close until 8….we didn’t get back to our place until 10. Charles was going to drop me off and pick me up, but it got to be too late….and the kids were asleep.

I decided not to go. I don’t have to tell you how upset I was….missing out on spa time, girl talk, and sangria! It took letting the kids play ball in the house so I  could get ready w/out them calling me every two seconds…..


I sat in the car stewing after he took the kids in the house. After a while I decided to do some very minor retail therapy and grab a bite to eat.

I did feel a little better after getting some new mascara and my delicious volcano nachos from Taco Bell.

Why does it almost always seem like such a fight every single week to get in a little time for myself? *sigh*
Even though it wasn’t exactly what I had planned, it was nice to be out alone for a little while….you know I didn’t walk in, grab mascara, then walk right back out.

Did you get some time alone this week? How was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Mama’s Timeout

  1. Well I hope next weekend you get more of your “me” time. Now that my kids are home for the summer my time will be slightly limited. I love to buy makeup 🙂

    • It’s been rainy here off and on all week, so that isn’t helping my mood. Getting ready to watch Transformers with the family and naw on some chocolate…Yummy!

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