on my hook


Doing some crochet this week. I picked up a big bag of yarn and crochet hooks from a garage sale a few weeks ago. Decided to crochet this girls lace pinafore for Nakiah ,but as usual, I’m having trouble understanding the pattern.

Dyslexia totally sucks sometimes. I’ll read the same line over and over for 15 minutes, and it still won’t click. Give me a regular book, and I’ll fly through it in no time.

Dee kept telling me to make a tube and put some straps on it, so that’s what I’m doing. Still undecided on if it will be a skirt, or a dress….I’m leaning towards a skirt – I can have it finished sooner. Loving the colors, and the way it’s coming along so far.

Reading: Raising Your Spirited Child -again. Some days I feel like I just don’t understand my kids at all. Lately it’s like they’re wind up toys, except they never wind down!

Each child has their own brand of spirit… the older they get, the more I see the different qualities coming out…..of course they change with time as well.

I don’t usually read the same book more than twice, but something new continues to jump out at me each time with this one.

Joining Ginny.


11 thoughts on “on my hook

  1. I’ve never read the book and my girls are now in their 20’s and one of them is a parent herself and another is about to be, so maybe I can buy it for them!!! My daughter Hana, who is about to be parent too was, and is, a spirited child and also dyslexic, like me!!! It has been a challenging journey but so worth it!! I totally get the maths thing!!! And I crochet and knit and have a job to remember terminology! I have a problem with .naming/ things. I have been a Reiki teacher for years now and to this day I still can’t remember many of my students surnames!!! I can remember their first names just fine! Perhaps surnames are just not important!

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  3. That book is absolutely wonderful. I gained a lot from reading it and found out that though I am an introvert, I am rather sprited-oops. I think the pattern may be written poorly, especially if you are reading regular books with no trouble. I have had the same problem-unable to make head nor tails of certain patterns.
    Good luck!

  4. I have heard a lot of good reviews of that book but I never got around to reading it. I’m glad you’re finding it useful.
    I don’t have dyslexia but I often have this problem – sometimes patterns are just written badly (or differently to how others understand them). It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Go gently with yourself x

    • It’s a great book. I think this is my 3rd or 4th time reading it. I’m not giving up on figuring out the patterns….I’m too stubborn for that!

  5. I am hopeless when it comes to crocheting [much to my mother’s shame ;)] , but I’m sure you’ll get it soon. My husband and two of my babies are dyslexic so I understand.
    Have a great yarn along day.

    • I get so frustrated with myself sometimes. Looking at certain patterns takes me back to being in school…..all the struggling in math. I’ll figure something out eventually.

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