on my needles


Loving the bright color of this cotton yarn. It’s from Spring Blankets I started for the girls well over a year ago. I ripped them out the other day. Since I wasn’t that far into crocheting Kiah’s skirt, I asked her if I could make her skirt out of this yarn instead. I’m glad she said yes….these colors suit her style and personality much better.

I’m still working on Ava’s skirt….both are such pretty colors to work with.

I’ve also discovered that I prefer knit over crochet. I like the way knitting feels and looks in my hands.

Yes, I’m reading Little Bear. We took a trip to the library to pick up a couple of books we had on hold, and the kids wanted to get more books and dvds, so to the kids section we went! This book was getting ready to be put back on the shelf. It looked familiar…..flashes of reading this book when I was a kid came flooding back. I vividly remember reading this book over and over again, it was one of my favorites!

I’ve read the first two stories to Ava. She really likes it. I love reading books that I read as a kid to my kids.

Joining Ginny!


11 thoughts on “on my needles

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    • Haha….I remember thinking they had a creepy feeling to them as a kid. That may explain why the cartoon is so sugary. Definitely like the books better.

    • I’m not following a pattern. My friend told me to knit a tube, so that’s what I’m doing. Seems to be coming along. I love seeing how many people enjoy Little Bear!

  2. Such happy yarn you are using and it is going to make an awesome skirt. I l must confess that I love holding knitting needles and having that connection with so many knitters from centuries passed.
    LIttle Bear is a big hit here too.
    I hope you enjoy yarn along day.

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