Project Garden Setup

It’s finally happened! I’m so happy to have our garden set up.
The original plan was to have it stacked two tiers high, but we ended up with a smaller been garden for the kids, and my bigger veggie garden right next to it.

The kids were eager to help.



We had found a stow away…
One of the bags busted Sunday when Charles was putting them in the backyard. We think he made himself right at home the past few days.


The kids garden has lavender, garlic chives, and marigolds. We’ll add more  herbs and flowers in the empty squares later. I’ll probably have the girls help decide what they want to go in.


Mine has purple cabbage, lettuce, collards, Italian summer squash, and carrots. I want to put herbs and flowers in the tops. Not sure if it’s too late for strawberries.

{Thanks for all the seeds, Erika!}

I wanted to try another type of squash, but they needed to be spaced almost three feet apart. Charles suggested we add a another bed or two later. I’m already thinking of what to fill it with.

He did most of the work getting the garden set up. I was surprised….didn’t think gardening was really his thing. I forget that his dad was into gardening. He said he used tires. Not only did he do the majority of the work, but he was actually enjoying it!

I’m glad he was here to help. I was getting frustrated with Samuel shoveling the soil out of the bed. Then the kids wanted to load the beds with popsicle sticks ,and throw the seeds in there any kind of way.

Nice family affair.

As I said earlier this week, we have one tomato plant, and more squash that I started in the container.


Think I better transfer the squash to bigger separate containers.
I would also like a couple more tomato plants. Ava said she wants to grow pumpkin….we’ll see about that.

Oh! Look at my beautiful Canna Lilies! I’ve been taking pictures of them every day since the buds appeared. I love the red blooms and how tall they’re getting.




Gardening is a little lot more work than I thought, but it’s also so. much. fun!

I’m excited to see how everything grows this summer.


6 thoughts on “Project Garden Setup

  1. What a wonderful family project! We started our indoor garden last month and the kids absolutely love watching the progress and “feeding the plants”. Enjoy!

  2. Great work! If this goes well, are we going to learn to can next? Urban homesteaders in training and all that…I never did get those seeds from you! If I haven’t already mentioned it, is an excellent resource for helping you know what to plant and when.

    • That’s a really great website! I still have tons of seeds. Remind me to bring them next time we get together. I wouldn’t mine trying my hand at canning.

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