Last week was so busy and wild….that’s the reason for the lack in posts. We had some trouble with the van overheating, leaving us stranded on the highway for several hours. We’re working on getting that taken care of. Not something I want to go through again.

Most of the time was spent getting Ava ready for her first ballet show.
Wed-Friday was spent driving back and forth to rehearsal, picture night, and the actual show.
The show was really good, and Ava’s class was absolutely adorable!

Other things we did this weekend:

walk to the corner store

watched spongebob, barbie, and thomas the train


play in the backyard

catching up on soaps and knitting for mama

Kiah has been wanting us to read her to sleep lately. These Hands, Rats of Nimh, and Bible for Children on the tablet have become favorites.

kids picked wild flowers for me

visited our faux beach down the street

talk about the planets and the stars

a small informal father’s day celebration with pizza at the park

Wow. After reading that over it seems our weekend was busy. I guess it was…. but in a much more relaxing go with the flow kinda way.

Weekending with Amanda.


6 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Your ballerina is beautiful! Love her stage make up đŸ™‚ Flowers picked by kids are simply the best gift to receive!! We used to watch all of the programs you listed!!

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