on my needles and my hook


The skirts are slow going. Since I’m not following a pattern I have free reign, and decided to do the purl ribbing after every six rows of knitting. At one point I actually thought about frogging it so I could make the entire skirt like that…thankfully I came to my senses.

I decided to work on a project that I could finish quickly, so I grabbed some chunky yarn and a crochet hook to make the girls blankets for their dolls.


This blanket took a few hours. Kiah said she didn’t want one because she found a bigger one that was already done, but if I can make her a big one with the same yarn as the small blanket then she’ll take it. That girl.

I’m loving One Summer by David Baldacci. Picked it up last Wednesday, and I’ve had to make myself put it down several times! I just love books that grab you right from the start. Even though it’s fiction, David has me thinking about my own life…. my priorities, miracles, and about the intense love I have for my family. Only 1/4 of the book left. I’m anxious to see how it ends.

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.


11 thoughts on “on my needles and my hook

  1. I’m going to look and see if my library has that book. I love good reads. I’ve been going outside of my comfort zone and reading books by different authors and of different genres.

    I haven’t picked up my crochet needle in some time. To think there used to be a time when I crocheted everyday.

    • Let me know if you decide to read it and how you like it. I picked up Wild Embers today. Need to finish One Summer so I can start it. I forgot that you crochet. I think I’ve found another relaxing hobby in working with sticks and yarn.

  2. I think that doll knitting is the best and after seeing your blankets I now have plans to cast on one for here.Every doll needs a blanket! πŸ™‚ I do love the skirts and remember, knitting is a process, they will get done when they get done.

  3. I love the little blanket Darcel. Great work on the skirts too. Take your time! No rush, right? I have never read David Baldacci, but I see him at the library all the time. Maybe I will check this one out…

    • Thank you Erin! No rush on the skirts, they will get done and worn eventually. Most of his books are thrillers, but I’m glad I chose this one instead…maybe I’ll choose a thriller next time

  4. With all my time here due to the intense heat I am spending most of my time blogging and crocheting!!! Books here are too expensive so I listen to audio books online and crochet to that!!! I have really only learned how to crochet in the last year as I usually knit but I am finding that I love the ‘hooking’ rhythm (who on earth made the spelling for that word????). I am creating something for myself now having given up on making things for other people’s babies and then they never use them! They prefer shop-bought labels!!!! So I am crocheting a long motif tunic for winter here, 60’s style! Your book does sound interesting so I might see if it is on Audio! I love when books resonate! Gold dust!!! Enjoy!!!

    • I haven’t listened to an audio book in ages! I was thinking about getting some for the girls though. They don’t have libraries over there in Egypt? I hope they have the book and you like it. Your friends don’t know what they’re missing not using your handmaid goods on the kids. I would have loved to receive something handmaid for my kids. Some people just don’t appreciate the art of it all.

    • Do you have access to a lending library that has an online program? I get books and audio books free from Overdrive. I just download them to my phone or computer and I have them for the same amount of time that I have a library book. It sounds like maybe not, but it’s an idea worth looking into maybe?

      • Hi Erin, No, none of that new technology here in Luxor yet! Not enough people read! I can download onto a pc kindle though and my audio books but I do love paper!!! I can’t go to bed with my computer!!!! πŸ™‚ I will check out overdrive though!!! Sounds interesting. Thank you!

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