Thursday Talk: Simplifying


You know what? I’m beginning to really look forward to these Thursday posts. Last week…well actually for weeks I had been worried about a lot of things. I want to thank you all again for your encouraging comments, emails, and phone calls.
I love the local and online community that I have.

Since last week I’ve been focusing on some things I can change. Thought you also would like to know that we should be receiving insurance from the state soon. My caseworker called a couple days ago. That was a huge weight lifted!

I had been thinking a lot about simplifying, but not for this new trendy reason of it being cool to have less so you actually give the appearance of  having more. I won’t go through the house while the kids are asleep, or while they play outside and throw away their toys.
I want to simplify my life, our lives as much as possible in a way that makes sense for our family.

For us that is starting to look like getting rid of the rest of the clutter from our move. I started with the girls closet and cleaned it out. They actually have room for their shoes in there now!

It’s looked like staying home more this week. Four days in a row…it’s been a long time since we did that. I was worried that it may be too much for my super social child(who says homeschooled kids are unsocialized?)but Kiah did great. She dint ask about going anywhere. She was relaxed and enjoying herself. I think the kids enjoyed our new down time as much as I did.

Simplifying has been taking long walks around the neighborhood on the days it wasn’t too hot. Doing puzzles, coloring, watching movies, played outside, checking on our gardens and the plants out front.
Making tall block towers and the kids playing with the free guitar that Charles picked up.
And lots more reading, knitting, and tea drinking for mama…along with putting together a exercise plan.








It’s looked like cooking simpler meals and definitely more grazing throughout the day.
It’s been about enjoying home and being with the kids.
It’s also been mama being gone for at least 12 hours yesterday….alone.

I’m not expecting for things to stay this way long term. I’m sure I’ll have my freak out moments, and I know we’ll have to change things up with the different seasons of life, but I am enjoying this so so much right now. If I feel this good after a week….imagine a month!

I know my Thursday post usually have less or no pictures, but I couldn’t help myself today.

What does simplifying look like in your family?


6 thoughts on “Thursday Talk: Simplifying

  1. When my sister died a few years ago, leaving behind her a son and a foster-daughter, my brother-in-law threw all of his energies into looking after his foster-child while their son went on to University. She must have had a ‘club’ of one sort or another, every day of the week! This meant that he had to drive her there, wait the hour until it was finished and then drive her home. He ran himself ragged making sure her perceived needs were met. AND he worked with special needs kids in a local agricultural college! He never put himself first.
    Judging by the photos it looks like your children are enjoying the relaxation of nature!!! That’s always a good thing! Too much extra-curricular activity can be more stressful than not enough and nature will always provide a good balance. My brother-in-law balanced his life by creating a beautiful garden, he couldn’t crochet!!! But he did do a lot of painting! And he learned not to place so much stress on himself by worrying about his foster-daughter’s lack of ‘ful-FILL-ment.
    Lovely blog…and I want that blue and white house!!!
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • It seems to boil down to balance. That can be so hard to achieve sometimes….I guess its always a work in progress. It feels so good to not need to run all over town for activities right now. We love our neighborhood and the houses. Planning to venture into town over the next couple of weeks to explore the rest of the area.

      Seems like if you don’t have your kids involved in every activity under the son, library, or museum program, then you aren’t doing enough. But then when do kids get to enjoy their childhood freely?

      This is turning into a blog post, lol. I’m feeling pretty good for the most part, the kids are happy, and that makes me happy.

  2. This was a beautiful post Darcel and it sounds like you are really enjoying life! We live a very simply life here, always have. We have been self employed for years and raising five children there has never been a lot of money, but you know what? I have learned that having money doesn’t make one happy, as long as my kid’s are happy then I am too. We work hard, have little outside needs [except for books and now yarn 🙂 ], grow most of our own food and since I’m a home body, travel rarely. I laugh when I read about the ‘new hip’ way of living simply like it’s a fad or something as this is the way we have always lived. Oh well, to each his own. Glad you are getting the insurance you need, that must be so nice. Take care!

  3. Walks on a trail, simple meals at home, spending less, reading more, listening to inspirational music {the girls love Jamie Grace}, doing and making things together…getting back to the basics

    Glad to hear that your family’s healthcare will be taken care of, and that you have been enjoying a peaceful week 🙂

    • Everything becomes a new trend once certain people get into it and decide to call it new. We would love to be self employed in the future. I agree that money doesn’t always make a person happy, but I wouldn’t be upset if we had a little more than we do now! I’ve learned to be pretty resourceful over the years, and I like it.

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