weekending in the heat

Is anyone else ready for this heatwave to be over? Temperatures in the 80’s would be considered cooler right now.



We went 5mins around the corner to my friends house. Have I mentioned how much I love that so many friends are so close?
Still have many to see that we haven’t yet.

The kids played with the hose while the mamas sipped on wine in the shade, or the house, where it was much cooler.
We talked, but mostly laughed at so. many. things.
Had dinner cooked for us….and the spaghetti was so good!


Cleaning up the mess of a house.
Transplanted three plants to bigger pots. Added 4’Clocks to the kids garden since our lavender didn’t come up. Also added greenbeans and peppers to their garden.
Planted lavender in a container to set out front.

I was sweating like a man out there! Samuel knew how to keep cool though.


There was learning how to ride a bike.


Then back inside to change and join their brother in the water play.

Reading and knitting for mama.

Old school video games for the kids.

That was our weekend.

How was yours?

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10 thoughts on “weekending in the heat

  1. Lovely flower!!!! I sure wish we were having a heatwave here…at least I would know that this heat would end soon and I could go for a walk!!! But we have this weather until the end of September!!! It will be from 104-107 for the next three months!! So lots of crochet/knitting and reading! But boy it gets boring not being able to go outside for long. One of the things I loved about the UK and Ireland was being able to go for long walks in the woods with my grand-daughter. A little nature-girl if ever there is one. I’m looking forward to being back in the UK in October so that I go for walks with her again!

  2. I remember learning how to ride a bike for me and for my kids! It’s hot here and it looks like it will be like that for the week. Your weekend sounds lovely:)

  3. Oh it’s hot here too, puddling hot where you just melt in the ground as soon as you step outside.
    I love seeing your beautiful girl on her princess bike!

  4. i remember riding a bike to be such a big thing, feeling so free when i finally managed it. good luck to your sweet girl!

    and yes, i’m over the heatwave. we’re having temps we normally have in july. i need rain and cooler temps!

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