on my needles


I’ve been flipping through The Knitters Life List. It’s a nice book, but maybe not so great for a beginner like me. The pictures are pretty, but the lingo and all of the patterns and the people that created them goes right over my head.

I found this waffle knit dishcloth pattern on Ravelry a couple of weeks ago and it looked simple enough so I tried it.
I wish I knew the color of the yarn…it was in a bag of yarn I purchased at a garage sale a while back.

Of course, I knitted where I should have purled and purled where I should have knitted. There are about three rows where I messed up completely on the pattern, but I just kept going. I had this dishcloth on bigger aluminum needles, smaller needles, and lastly my favorite and only pair of bamboo needles. There was no way I was ripping it out and starting over again! I do want to make more because I really like the pattern and it was fun to knit.

I would also like to try this one and this one from the same blogger.

The second one is a seed stitch dishcloth. At least I think it’s called the seed stitch, or is it moss stitch?
Anyway…I’m using a peaches and cream in sweet pea stripes. I’m loving the colors and the drape of the yarn….it reminds me of Spring pastels. I just cast on 40 stitches and I’ll block it when it when it’s the size I would like.

Still knitting away on the skirts. It’s funny to me….never thought I would knit then I started….never thought I would have more than one project going and now I have three on my needles.

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along.


10 thoughts on “on my needles

  1. tracey is so right, you can do it, and the help is there! (tracey is so sweet) i love to help too (i teach knitting in our local lys and am here if you need, hi! i’m lori 🙂 ). have you looked at the in threes pattern? it’s adorable and very beginner friendly. and i think goes up to a size 5t. you can do it! and seed/moss are the same thing.
    i do love that book, but its alot to take in!

  2. I have that same book, but can only read a few pages at a time before I need to move on.
    Darcel, YOU are a beautiful knitter and can knit anything you want to, really, if you can knit and
    purl you’ve got it! If you need help with a pattern just ask okay? I have only been knitting for just over two years, but if there is something I want to try I just do it. If I run into trouble I ask for help and this blogging world is so heart giving that the help is there.
    Much love/

    • Thanks so much for the confidence. I favorited a bunch of scarf and shawl patterns in Ravelry. I really want to knit sweaters or tops for the kids. My trouble with the patterns is that I just don’t understand what I’m reading sometimes. I’ll ask for help though. Erin from Wild Whispers wrote out an entire pattern for me a while back and I’ve been thinking of picking it up again.

  3. Great dish cloth! if you place a pin on the right side then you will know which side you are on. I love having wash clothes handy around the house !!

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