Thursday Talk: A Paradigm Shift


Samuel has some sort of cold….runny yet stuffy nose. I’m hoping to get this post out while he naps on me. I look forward to his one afternoon nap. He’s been nursing less through the night, but asks first thing in the morning. I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but when he nurses to sleep it’s with his favorite car or truck of the moment. Lately it’s been this little yellow dump truck….it’s so cute!
I enjoy the quiet time during his nap. If the girls aren’t playing quietly in their room during his nap, they usually play in the backyard.

This post is not about his naptime, I promise!

What I wanted to talk about is a simple concept, but harder to put into action sometimes, at least it is for me… Living Joyfully. I finally get what that really means now. In the midst of our current circumstances, I can choose to either complain all the time, or see the good in the situation and create a joyous home for my family….and that’s what I’ve been doing. Choosing to live life with joy and love.

Maybe this is exactly what we needed. I said we were going to slow down, but maybe I wasn’t slowing down to the point we really needed to be at.
I’ve been making a point to look at the bright side of things recently. Our van quit on us and it’s in the shop right now. I haven’t been driving for about a week or more now anyway. Now I can focus on making this house a home.

Some days it looks like three tiny tornadoes went through here….but a friend reminded me that changing my words and thinking helps a lot. Instead of mess I can see projects, exploring, crafts….learning!

I’m learning that the everyday mundane tasks of keeping home can actually be joyful. I’m learning to do these tasks with joy and out of love for my family….really taking pride in staying home and being a homemaker. I’m learning that joy can be a choice more than a feeling. If I choose to do things with a joyful attitude then I feel joyful. That attitude and feeling spreads throughout the house…and that’s always a good thing.

If I feel I’m not doing enough for or with the kids, then I do more. Not more to the point where I’m stressed and overwhelmed, but enough to fill our cups again.
Our current situation has me thinking and digging deep into myself and I like it. I’m also learning that things around the house can wait. My kids are growing and changing I wanted to stay home to watch then grow and nurture them. It’s hard to do that when my mind is focused on too many things that are not as important as I thought they were.

I’m raising a future generation here! While that’s serious business…it’s also a lot of fun. I love my family and that’s what I want them to remember…not me telling them to hold on so I can clean something instead of reading or playing with them. Not griping about how much more we could do if we had more money, but all that we can do and create out of what we already have.

Life is good, it’s short, and we only have one. I’m choosing not to waste anymore time on what I cannot control or change.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Talk: A Paradigm Shift

    • Thank you! It’s so easy to grow stale in the day to day care and keeping of kids and home. Taking things from a different and better perspective is doing wonders for me mentally and emotionally.

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