Weekend Wonder









The girls are always making up games and sometimes they speak their own language. That’s what is going on in the first photo.

Rio and Mulan about three times this weekend. That photo was taken by Nakiah and the Dora book photo was taken by Ava.

Painting. Lots of loud, rumbling, rolling thunder….and then rain.
Good thing because my garden and plants needed it. I’ve been a little negligent the past several days.

At least two walks to the corner store with barbie in tow.

Always stopping to admire the beauty of nature when we’re out.

Not pictured: singing and dancing, coloring, puzzles, a surprise visit from one of my sisters in law, going through the children’s illustrated dictionary, a little knitting, Pinterest, and lots of mommy how and why.

This was a slow going weekend.ย  Lots of time for some much needed reflection.

How was your weekend?

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Wonder

  1. Kids here in the poorer parts of Egypt play with whatever they get their hands on!!! One of my nieces wraps plastic bags around bricks and ties them on with other pieces of plastic. She ends up with lots of wrapped bricks!!! I’m not sure why she does this. Maybe they are babies to her? They don’t play with dolls or other toys here. Everything is from their surroundings. Even a football is made from lots of plastic bags stuffed into a a bigger one!!! Girls here are trained as wives as soon as they can carry something so they don’t have time to play!!! They are the household gophers! The boys are sent to the shops or otherwise are glued to the TV. Usually adult movies filled with violence! No cartoons or child-centred TV!!! As soon as the kids come up to my flat its on with the cartoons and youtube Arabic for kids!!! Next step paint supplies!!!
    I love the picture of the rain through your window. I miss the rain so much!!!!

    • How sad that the girls don’t get to play. I notice in other countries the kids play with whatever they make from their surroundings…my kids do that from time to time. Very creative!

      I don’t usually care too much for the rain, but it was soothing to listen to and watch that day.

  2. slow going makes the best sorts of weekends! i love seeing what kids get up to when left to their own devices and i especially love downloading pics to the computer and seeing what they’ve seen with the help of my camera ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Your weekend sounds just perfect. My sister’s and I had our own language too and although we now live in different states, [they are both in Va.], they are still my best friends.

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Our girls are always playing imaginary games too, I love hearing them involved in their own world.
    I love your floor painting, that looks like fun!
    Sometimes a quiet,reflective weekend is just perfect:)

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