The Mahogany Way


When I first came up with the name for this blog,  I knew it when I wrote it down and said it out loud. I loved the way it sounded and looked. There were several other names written down but I can’t remember any of them right now.
I had a loose idea of what this blog would be….parenting, unschooling, pregnancy and birth, life in general.

Over the three years I’ve had this space many things have changed in our lives, but a lot of things have stayed the same….what I talk about, the depth in which I talk about certain things has changed. I created a separate space for talking about pregnancy and birth, with a focus on Black Women….The Birth Cafe at the top of my page under the header.

Every now and then I ask myself, what is The Mahogany Way?

It’s late night craft sessions with Nakiah….hard to.believe she’ll be 8 at the end of this year.


Watching Ava construct a home and food for flies.


Nursing Samuel to sleep. He’s 26 months old now! Where has the time gone?


It’s been learning to knit and garden.

Late night new My Little Pony marathons with Ava.

Trips to the children’s museum and beach.

Visiting farm animals.

Frequent trips to the library.

Learning to better deal with circumstances that I can’t control.

Praying that God will make me into the wife and mother he wants me to be.

Talking about the solar system with Nakiah well after midnight.


Watching my kids grow a little too fast for me.
Wondering who and what they will become.

Seeing the adult they could be in their little faces, but also seeing the infants they once were.

Doing way more than I could handle, realizing it, and taking steps to slow down.

Enjoying fireworks with friends on the 4th of July.


Literally stopping to smell the roses or whatever flowers we come across.

Watching ants in their assembly line.

Finding all kinds of slugs and worms in the backyard.

Reading the same chapter book to Nakiah at least 4 nights in a row.


Finally getting the fact that having a clean house isn’t what my kids will remember.

Stepping back into the present moment….we can’t change the past and tomorrow is not promised.


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