At Home

The past few weeks I’ve started to go through the house in sections, going through boxes and bags that are still out from the move, or stuffed in the back of the closets.

Getting rid of a lot of things, but also finding lost treasures. I haven’t put all of the old but new findings out at once….instead I’ve strewn them throughout the house every so often.

Yesterday I sat these blocks out on their little table in the living room and they discovered them while Samuel was napping….perfect timing since they decided to set them up like dominoes.




Kiah has really been into constructing patterns out of all their different blocks. I enjoy watching her when I find her. She’s been so quiet about it lately….almost usually she calls me if I’m not near to watch her.
A couple days ago I came from folding laundry to find her in the middle of her latest creation.


I showed Ava how to cast on a few days ago and she’s in love. It’s the cutest thing! She’s was so proud of herself and soon announced she was ready for two needles. I explained that we would learn the knit stitch first…she watched me intently and then declared that she could do it on her own. After I few tries by herself, I helped her with my hands over hers….she asked me to wrap the yarn…she said that’s the hardest part.
I suggested less stitches at first but she said she liked it with more.


Yesterday she came running out of her room saying I have my knitting! Can we try again?
I knew she took it back to her room when we were done so I went in to see where she put it.  Perfectly placed on their dresser with the utmost care.


I downloaded several new games onto my phone for the kids to play with. The girls found the new Disney Princess tetris puzzle and have played it every day several times a day. I also downloaded Zoodles again….except on the phone it’s called Kid Mode. Each kid has their own profile setup for their age. Very cool and fun program for kids of all ages.

The van can only handle a short 10 minute drive and I’m thankful the library is so close.
We took our weekly library trip and the kids got 4 books each. Normally I let them get as many as they want and they have their own bags just for library use, but we were short on time. I make sure to pick out books written by African Americans so they can see pictures and read stories about families that look like ours. The girls also have their own library cards so they can check out their own books on their cards. They love it and so so I. Ava says it gives them responsibility.

I wanted to get a picture of their books and the girls gladly helped me arrange them. All the ones on top are for Samuel.

Kiah has the human body, sharks, hickory chair, and the Geronimo Stilton chapter book. Reading chapter books like this to her has become a sort of bedtime ritual with us.

Ava has the wild cats, what’s cooking jamela, ish, and a Junie B. Jones chapter book. She doesn’t care for them but insists on having one because Kiah does.


My garden isn’t doing so hot overall. I can’t keep any leafy greens. Looks like we’ll only have squash, carrots tomatoes, and green beans. That’s better than nothing! The squash is growing amazingly well…crawling all over the ground now. I keep having to move it off my carrots…they need sun too.
The kids herb garden turned into housing for the tomato and green beans. I just found out via v, blog that I need to put something down so the green beans can climb.



Being at home more often has been a blessing in disguise. I appreciate what we have here, even the amount of housework I’ve been able to get done!
I’m learning to be content with what we have…I see it’s more than I first realized.


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